These resources can be helpful when you are searching for a comune to qualify for the 7% tax regime. Once you have found a potential comune and you become serious about moving to the comune, I urge you to double check all the information. For example, check with the comune and ask them if they qualify for the 7% program. Or check the website to double check the population figure.

Also, I urge you to consult a tax professional in Italy who understands the 7% program. There are many technical aspects about income, the sources of that income, and other issues which can effect whether you qualify for the 7% program. A tax professional will also help you file your taxes correctly in Italy and comply with all requirements and deadlines of the laws.

I tried to be careful as I assembled the data I collected at this site. However, there is always the possibility of an error, either an error I made as I processed the data, or an error in the original data. I am not a lawyer, nor an accountant, and don't have any special expertise in these areas.